I gave my first in-person financial wellness and investment sessions since the pandemic yesterday at the Escola Americana de Belo Horizonte,in Brazil.

It was amazing to see the commitment that upper school principal Kerry Timmerman and the school Director, Catarina Song Chen, put into this day. In the morning, I spoke to the entire faculty about how much they should consider saving for retirement. I followed up with a talk about the definition of success (following the premise in my new book, Balance) with the high school students. I then spoke to the middle school students about building financial wellness. That followed with an investment session for teachers. Then I spoke to every high school student again, about overall financial wellness and following their passions. And I ended the day speaking to the entire faculty of teachers again, defining some of the major points in my new book, Balance and Millionaire Expat 3rd edition.

Thank you Kerry and Catarina for such an amazing day. What an incredible faculty. And the students were amazing!