Aysha van de Paer told a powerful story in her TED-talk in Lausanne, Switzerland. Late one night, a police officer knocked on her door to say her husband had died. Now alone, she needed to fend for herself and her family. This led her down a road towards financial education. In time, she began an educational group to help other women build financial literacy.

It was my pleasure to speak to Aysha and her many followers earlier this week, via Zoom. They asked great questions, and Aysha brilliantly set up the conversation.

Since then, plenty of the attendees have connected with me on LinkedIn. I look forward to hearing how their financial journeys flow.

If you would like to contact me for a financial literacy session for your business or school, I would be thrilled to help. You can reach me at this link. Please keep in mind that I don’t do one-on-one consultations.

Thanks very much!