I would like to thank Philip Meehan and Colleen Drisner for organizing a Zoom session for me to speak to their faculty two weeks ago. It was an interactive session with 100 teachers showing how small spending decisions can help people build financial independence. We focused on “opportunity costs,” such as paying high rent versus medium rental rates for housing. We also focused on high travel costs versus more modest travel. In each case, such decisions are worth more than a million dollars.

That doesn’t mean we should scrimp on our accommodations or our travel. But if we splash out on those domains, we should be prepared to cut costs in other areas. I enjoyed being able to ask the teachers questions during this presentation, while giving them simple tasks along the way to keep everyone engaged.

Thanks again Phil and Colleen!

If you would like to book me for a talk or session with your business or international school, you could do so through the following link on my website. Please keep in mind, however, that I don’t do one-on-one consultations.