This is huge! If you are among the 7000 GEMS teachers in the UAE, you will soon be receiving a free copy of my book, Balance: How To Invest and Spend For Happiness, Health and Wealth. Sarwa, the robo-advisory company in the UAE, has purchased 7000 copies to be distributed to EVERY single GEMS teacher in the UAE. That's unbelievable support for financial wellness and financial literacy.

I'll be providing a financial wellness seminar for GEMS teachers online, before they receive the book, and follow-up sessions afterwards. If you know a GEMS teacher in the UAE, please let them know. Thank you, Nadine Mezher and Mark Chahwan, co-founders of Sarwa, for purchasing these books! Thank you, also, to Jonathan Bramley and Nargish Khambatta for encouraging and promoting financial wellness among all 7000 GEMS teachers in the UAE. :) I'll keep you posted on Sarwa's amazing support for teachers.