I was in contact with a woman on a financial FB group. She read Millionaire Expat and employed the services of Mark Zoril. But she didn’t begin investing. Several mental hurdles were getting in her way: the timing, the perfect allocation, the perfect ETFs. When she connected with me, she really was labouring over her choice of ETFs. I don’t think I was able to help her. She had done all the training for her investment marathon, but no matter what I said, she couldn’t unglue her feet from the start line. I wrote this for her. I hope it helps a few others, too. In a nutshell, I prove that the longer you procrastinate, the more you’ll need to invest. The mathematics on this is shocking. I used portfolio returns over very specific and very different time periods. Unlike the linear, uninterrupted growth of some charts, this was real, and not a hypothetical, rosy model of compounding growth.

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