I wrote an international bestselling book in 2011.

I wanted to call it, The Nine Rules of Wealth You Should Have Learned In School. But the publisher thought that sounded lamer than a Daddy Long Legs spider after a bout with a three year old.

Instead, they wanted the cringe-worthy title, Millionaire Teacher.

Yes, I had built a million dollar portfolio on a schoolteacher’s salary. But my parents tried to raise a humble son, so I (and they!) hated the title of that book.

That title, however, attracted plenty of attention. I was the first British-born author to have the number 1 bestselling finance book on Amazon Canada and Amazon USA. It became a cult classic in Taiwan.

It was translated into several languages, including Thai, Chinese and Korean. At one point, it was the 12th most popular book on Amazon USA, chasing Fifty Shades of Grey.

I followed up with a book for expats: Millionaire Expat, How To Build Wealth Living Overseas.

But how did I build that seven-figure sum? No, I didn’t buy baby Bitcoins. Nor did I gamble on a hot tech stock. I didn’t borrow to invest, nor did I inherit any money.


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