My wife and I are more adventurous than most, having lived nomadic lives for the six years before COVID. We'll fly to a developing country we have never seen and ride our tandem around the perimeter. We'll spend 17 months in a camper van in Mexico and Central America. My wife does flips off high bridges, drags me up cliffs and we never book more than one day of accommodation (ahead of time) in a country we're scheduled to visit.

Yet...we don't include any "play money" in our investment portfolio. Here's why we don't.

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Why I don’t Include “Play Money” In My Portfolio
A couple of years ago, my wife and I spent 17 months living in a camper van while traveling through Mexico and Central America. That doesn’t mean you should. To you, that might sound like hell–especially if you (like we did) had to share that space. After all, our bed is only four feet from …