In 2017, when I wrote the second edition of Millionaire Teacher, I wrote about the growing importance of roboadvisors. 

I did the same in my book, Millionaire Expat. Such firms make it easy for people to invest in low-cost index funds.

Sarwa is the first firm to offer such a platform in the UAE.

On Saturday, April 27th, they invited me to speak at the Fairmont Hotel in Dubai.


They created an Eventbrite registration for 300 people.

And tickets sold out within 24 hours.



I spoke about DIY (Do-It-Yourself) investing.

I explained how to do it, while explaining some of the dodgy financial products that are sold in the UAE.



I explained how DIY investors could use the services of Mark Zoril, who guides investors to build their own portfolios of ETFs (index funds) for just $96 a year.

You can reach Mark from here.

I also introduced several DIY brokerages that such investors could use to buy their ETFs, while profiling an affiliate link on my sight for Internaxx. It’s the firm I use. And they’re offering an incentive if you use this link.


I don’t believe there is a best brokerage. Nor do I believe the brokerage you select will make or break your future.


The far more important aspects are these:

  • Build a diversified portfolio of low-cost index funds.
  • Ignore market news and predictions.
  • Add money every month or every quarter.

And if you’re looking for someone in the UAE to do the lifting for you, Sarwa’s fee structure is more than reasonable.

Images ©  Pele Hallam-Young