When Financial Advisors Punch Themselves

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When Marilyn Arsenault and her husband, Joe, decided to save for their retirement, they booked an appointment with a financial advisor. Marilyn, a university running coach,…

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Stock Market Crash 2020: Should You Shift Your Money Around?

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Should you shift your investments to avoid losses? I compare that tactic to a balanced portfolio of stock and bond market ETFs in this video.…

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Are These The Toughest Conversations John Bogle's Son Has?

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I can imagine John Bogle Jr. on a camping trip. He meets a group of guys fishing off a dock. They talk about the weather and…

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Max Keeling: Investing Financial Advisor


Max Keeling:  Index Fund Advisor In Singapore Photo courtesy of Max Keeling Most financial advisors in SouthEast Asia and the Middle East sell horrific products.  They…

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Andrew Hallam Speaks At Sarwa, Dubai

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Financial sharks swim in local waters.  Most of them are British, selling offshore pension products.  These pay the salespeople sky-high commissions.  Such commissions shouldn’t be…

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Andrew Hallam Speaks In Dubai to NBF’s Priority Clients

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Many financial salespeople view Dubai’s expats as a farm of cash cows.  They want to milk the entire community.  The chief milkers (most of whom…

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Finsbury Associates: Should You Invest With Them?

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It's good to recognize when a financial firm says it can do something that evidence suggests they probably can't. Finsbury Associates might be such a firm.…

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Why It Keeps Looking Worse For Actively Managed Funds

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You say a really smart man or woman is behind your amazing mutual fund? You say it has a winning track record against its benchmark index…

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Ponzi Scheme or Investment? Capital Protected, Long Short FX Trading System with Consistent Monthly Returns: Quant-Spread Systems Pte Ltd

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Nobody wants to fall for a Ponzi scheme.  But plenty of people sell them. They usually offer high consistent returns, without any losses. A friend of…

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Andrew Hallam Speaks At Sarwa, In Dubai

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In 2017, when I wrote the second edition of Millionaire Teacher, I wrote about the growing importance of roboadvisors.  I did the same in my book,…

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