If you aren't retired or close to retirement, a rising stock market should make you go, "meh." But a falling or stagnating stock market should have you dancing in the streets. I still prefer falling markets because I'm only 51, I have an income and I'm still adding money. I explain why most people should prefer to see stocks drop in my latest book, Balance: How To Invest and Spend for Happiness, Health and Wealth, and in the article below.

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Do You Wish Stocks Would Crash? That Might Not Be Crazy
Forty-one-year-old Eva Barnes and thirty-four-year-old Heidi Middleton were camping in the mountains of Arizona. As the evening temperature dropped, they built a fire and poured a couple of drinks. “Heidi, how long have you been investing in the stock market?” Eva asked.“A few years. I’ve been inv…