Plenty of new investors are keen to load up on the S&P 500 index because, in their words, "It earns the best return." But not long ago, a massive contingent of Canadian investors wanted nothing to do with US stocks because, in their words, "They don't make profits for investors anymore."

New investors wanting to load up on US stocks today are wrong to do so. And those Canadians who shunned US stocks (because the S&P 500 really did suck) were making an equally bad decision. Here's a story I hope we can all learn something from.

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Don’t Let Asset Allocation Drift into a Naked Dream
It was a normal day at my elementary school. I sat at my desk, tossing rolled up pieces of paper at the back of my friend’s head. Then the bell rang for recess. I got up and entered the packed hallway to grab a snack from my locker. That was when I froze in horror. I realized I was wearing nothing …