If you’ve read Jason Zweig’s excellent book, Your Money and Your Brain or his updates in Benjamin Graham’s classic book, The Intelligent Investor, you’ll know how Zweig describes the media’s obsession with a single (minority) side of the investment population.

When it comes to our money, we’re primal. We like to see it rise in value.

But only retirees should want to see their portfolio’s rise in value. I would much prefer to see a crash. Most of the people on this site should prefer that too.

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I explain that here

For Most Investors, 2019 Is Turning Out To Be A Really Bad Year
The year isn’t over. But U.S. stocks are up a lot. They soared more than 17 percent over the first nine months. Global stocks are up about 14 percent. Most investors, however, should be disappointed.If you’re retired today, stop reading now. You’re not going to like this column. But keep readin…