My wife and I are homeless.

That doesn’t mean we live under bridges or dig food out of garbage bins. Instead, for the past four years, we’ve been traveling the world. I’m writing this from our camper van, beside a lake in Guatemala.

We plan to drive it to the tip of Argentina, before shipping it to Europe to continue our travels. It’s one of our retirement dreams.

Some of you might be thinking, “That sounds great!” Others might be squirming, thinking we’ve lost our marbles.

That’s what makes retirement planning so darn interesting.

Nobody can say what you should be doing or how much money you’ll need.

I know retirees who live well on shoestrings in low-cost countries. Others are flush with cash. They have plenty of money, and they enjoy spending a small fortune every year.

That’s why personal finance is so…well…personal.

Image © Andrew Hallam

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