I’m a Digital Nomad. That doesn’t mean I cross deserts chasing water holes and game.

But as a writer in today’s digital age I can work almost anywhere.

During the past 2 years, my wife and I have lived in Mexico, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand and Europe.

We meet a lot of people who are enjoying their vacations. When they find out about our travels, they ask a lot of questions. Europeans, Canadians and Australians ask if we’re on an extended break from work.

Americans, however, sometimes ask something different. They want to know if we’re retired.

I either look a lot older than my 46 years or Americans are getting used to seeing large wealth gaps, accepting the notion that lots of people retire young.

In a desperate attempt to find out which was true, I looked up the 2015 Allianz Global Wealth Report. 

Image by Pixabay

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