If you have a sense of adventure, and you would like to retire in the safest large city in Central America, you might like Panama City. You can safely drink water from the taps. It’s easy to gain a residency permit. The city closes roads for cyclists each morning, and offers free exercise classes every Sunday beside the ocean-side path. The country also offers deep discounts for resident retirees. And as with many large cities, there’s always lots to do. Panama City won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. But the longer I’m here, the more benefits I see.

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“International Living” Rates Panama The Best Country to Retire in 2022
Each morning before sunrise, I ride my bike along an oceanfront path. I pass runners, walkers, and people rollerblading. Cross-legged meditators face the rising sun while sitting on the raised, concrete sea wall. Panama City: Photo taken by Andrew HallamNear the end of this path, I pass a fresh fi…