When I wrote my book, Millionaire Teacher, I wanted something timeless. 

Many money books, after all, describe investment methods that look downright silly, just a few years after publication.  Other books are vague, rather than instructive.

But one investment manager has written two prescriptive books, swaying from the ordinary.  His name is Michael O’Higgins.

Author of Beating the Dow With Bonds, he dared to offer a contrarian roadmap for investment success. 

And both books have stood the test of time. 

Unlike the rebalancing indexing model described in Millionaire Teacher, O’Higgins takes the back roads.  He challenges investors to think like bargain hunting contrarians, while providing step by step strategies… taking just ten minutes a year.

Best of all, he has a new method up his sleeve. 

If you’re a value hunter at heart, and love the idea of index funds, you might embrace and profit from it. 

Please read my Globe and Mail article to learn more…