Currency trading, if you believe the online promotional promise, is a way to a fast, easy fortune. 

But it’s a gamble with pathetically low odds of long term success.  Virtually every investable asset class is a far better bet, whether it’s real estate, stocks, bonds, oil — even gold.   In Asia especially, currency trading is a crazy rage of false promises, tickling the gambling bones of those looking for “get rich quicker promotions” but it’s also a feast for the banks.

They’ve taken to conning regular folk.  And the practice has to stop. 

It’s unethical and, in my view, corrupt. 

I’ll be challenging a rep from one of these exploiting banks later this week, in defence of a friend who was led into one of the bank’s darkest lairs.  My article, touching on this personal story, is published on the Assetbuilder website, titled, World Banksters Hitting New Lows.

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