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Arigato Mr. Roboto – Robo-advisors in Japan

This is a guest post by Ben Shearon, an English teacher living in Sendai, Japan. Ben runs the website RetireJapan to share information and help others take control of their financial future. Enjoy, Andrew.   Arigato Mr. Roboto – Robo-advisors in Japan   Automation is popping up everywhere. The sushi...


When Best Mutual Fund Lists Can Strip You Naked

Warren Buffett once said, “Only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s swimming naked.” According to the Employee Benefit Research Institute, 83 percent of American retirees among the bottom quarter of earners could run out of money during retirement. The outfit also figures that 25 percent of middle income earners...

everyone wants millionaire teacher book 43

Do You Use A Robo Advisory Firm In The United States, Canada, Australia or the UK?

I’m updating my book, Millionaire Teacher.   The investment landscape has dramatically changed.  Low cost investment advisory firms are making more traditional investment firms look downright ridiculous. If you’re an American, Canadian, Brit or Australian who uses one of these low cost firms, I would love to hear from you. ...


Should You Pay For Your Child’s College Education?

  I would love to see a longitudinal study that answers this question: “Should parents pay for ALL of their children’s college education?” If I had to bet every jar of spirulina in my cupboard, I would say they shouldn’t. Parents shouldn’t pay for ALL of their children’s college education–even...


Stuart Ritchie — Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Stuart Ritchie, of AES International. Financial Practitioner For Expatriate Investors. No Minimum Account Size Requirement for DIY Platform, $75,000 USD for full service account minimums For years, investors have been asking me, “Is there a financial advisory firm in the Middle East that will build index fund portfolios for clients.” ...


When A 4% Investment Fee Hurts More Than A 20% Investment Fee

  When comparing investment service companies, it’s important to understand that not all fees are considered equal.    Companies often use complicated fee structures as a smoke and mirrors show.   Ongoing Fees Are The Most Damaging   A 4% ongoing fee is worse than a 20% upfront transaction fee. ...


Ten Top Financial Advisors For Expatriate Investors

    Each week, millions of expatriates build small backyard fires.  They pull out matches. They take $10 bills out of their pockets. Then they burn them. Every week. Every month. Every year.  That’s what it’s like when you pick the wrong kind of financial advisor. Before hiring anyone, ask...

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Hi! Welcome to my blog. My wife and I have recently visited the Middle East, Africa and SE Asia talking to different schools and businesses about investing. Would you like me to speak to your school or business?

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