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How This Star Trek Captain Could Help Your Retirement

  It’s the same in every movie. Captain Kirk battles a psycho who wants to wipe out humanity. His ship could be wrecked. His gun could be stolen. But no matter which ugly alien is breathing down his neck, he never accepts defeat. “I don’t believe in a no-win scenario,”...


Free Simple Smart Investing Talk At Dubai College: Sunday, February 26th, at 6:45pm

There’s a popular global group called the Bogleheads. They’re disciples of the man who started Vanguard, the largest mutual fund group in the world. Vanguard is run much like a nonprofit firm. It’s a cooperative. Nobody owns Vanguard–with the exception of you (and the others) who invest in Vanguards funds....


WealthBar Offers Help To Canadian Expats In The Middle East

  A few days ago, I spoke at the Hayat Universal Bilingual School in Doha, Qatar.  It follows a British Columbia teaching curriculum.  Most of its teachers are Canadian.  WealthBar learned that I would be traveling to this school.  “Why don’t we offer your books to the Canadian teachers who...


Millionaire Teacher Speaks To More Than 100 People At Qatar’s British Business Forum

I’m used to simple, relaxed environments. Most of my friends don’t own suits.  I don’t either.  But I stepped into the posh business world on Sunday, February 17th when I was invited to speak at Qatar’s British Business Forum. They served a fancy 3-course meal before my talk began.  “Please...


Middle Of The Middle East Tour – 2017

At the end of last summer, I posted pictures of our cycling trip while we cycled through Europe.  Friends saw the pictures on Facebook.  Before we knew it, educators invited us into their homes and asked me to speak at their schools.  Our hosts paid for local transportation costs so...


Watch Out For Expensive Index Funds

When I wrote my book, The Global Expatriate’s Guide To Investing, I spoke with a Raymond James representative about building low cost portfolios of index funds for international teachers.  This was the idea.  Teachers with at least $20,000 to invest could pay a 1 percent wrap fee and Raymond James...


Vultures That Target Expat Investors In The Middle East

 After being on the front page of The National two days ago, I was profiled in The National newspaper again today.  In a nutshell. Expats (mostly British) who live in the Middle East are being targeted by financial vultures who bleed them dry. That might sound dramatic, but these products...


Your 401(k) Could Be A Bad Mushroom In The Woods

You’ve watched plenty of people pick mushrooms in the woods. They happily eat them, marvelling that they’re free. But such free treats could give you a stomach ache or worse. It’s much the same with company 401(k)s if their fees are too high. Image By Pixabay I explain it all...

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Hi! Welcome to my blog. My wife and I have recently visited the Middle East, Africa and SE Asia talking to different schools and businesses about investing. Would you like me to speak to your school or business?

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