In Ancient Egypt, plenty of high-status people were entombed with tools, treasures and sometimes servants.

These were meant to help them in the afterlife. But archaeologists also found weighted dice. A pharaoh, after all, might not cheat death. But he might be keen to swindle others in an afterlife game of craps.

When rolling traditional dice, there’s an equal chance that any number between 1 and 6 could come out on top. But for years, crooked gamblers have tried to put the odds in their favor. Like the ancient Egyptians, they’ve used dice made for cheating. They’re known as weighted, crooked or gaffed dice.

Nobody likes a cheat. But when investing, it’s well within the rules to put the odds in your favor. You’ll just need the courage to step beyond the crowd. That means investing where most are currently scared to tread: in value stocks and international shares.

Image  by Pixabay

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