Ben Sherwood At Satis Asset Management Builds Index Fund Portfolios For British Expats


Many British expats feel betrayed by those selling them expensive offshore pension schemes.  They may wonder whether there truly are firms that shun commissions, embrace low cost index funds and provide high levels of personal financial planning.  Fortunately, a few exist, such as Satis Asset Management. 

Based in London, the firm spun off from the Chartered Accountant and Tax Advisory firm, Hillier Hopkins LLP, in 2012.  Today, Satis Asset Management provides high levels of investment and taxation advice.  As Director, Ben Sherwood explains, “We have a number of expatriate British investors.  Although it’s early days for our firm, business growth has exceeded our expectations.” Sherwood holds designations as a Certified Financial Planner and Chartered Financial Planner. 

He also co-authored a book, The 7 Secrets of Money, The Insider’s Guide To Personal Investment Success.  In it, he emphasizes the importance of low cost investing and diversifying investments across a variety of asset classes.

For bond allocations, Satis Asset Management usually buys Gilts for clients, instead of bond funds.  For client equity allocations, they use Vanguard and Dimensional Fund Advisors’ indexes.

Clients wishing to open accounts with Satis must do so with a minimum  £500,000

Investment service charges are 0.9 percent per year for the first million pounds, dropping to 0.75 percent for the next four million, down to 0.6 percent for the next five million.