I get it!

Most investors don’t want to invest their own money.  They would much rather leave the task to somebody else. If it’s the right kind of firm, that could make sense.

If you’re a non-American, I recommend just five firms.  Why?  They build low cost portfolios of index funds. They’re backed by evidence, not commission hungry rhetoric. 




Annual Portfolio Management Fee

Minimum Required

Contact Information

AES International
(only use the Dubai office)




Index Fund Solutions

(Mark Ikels: Singapore)




Creveling & Creveling 
(Chad & Peggy: Thailand)




(Canadians only)

0.35% to 0.6%



Satis Asset Management 
(British only)


(drops after first million GBP)

500,000 GBP

+44 (0)20-3272-0120


The firm I want to focus on is AES International.

To date, they are the only fair investment firm that’s based in the Middle East.  They also require less money to open an account than most of the other top firms.  Currently, their account minimum size is $75,000 USD.  But CEO, Sam Instone, says the firm will soon be lowering that.

Mr. Instone was the leading expert who was profiled in the BBC Panorama documentary, Who Took My Pension?

He blew the top off the massive fees that are charged by most British pensions. Too many, he says, aren’t properly regulated. Unfortunately, these are the most common platforms that expats buy. Instead, they should invest in a diversified portfolio of index funds. 

AES International charges 1.2 percent to have such an account built and managed. 

If we add the hidden costs of the portfolios’ ETFs (known as tracker funds or index funds) the total annual costs come to less than 1.35 percent.

Most non-American expats pay three times as much.  What’s more, most can’t sell before a predetermined date. 

AES International explains their philosophy in a series of videos.  They’re brilliantly composed.

If you’re looking for an investment firm, I strongly recommend AES International. 

Whether you live in the Middle East, Europe or SouthEast Asia, you could use such a firm. 

I’ve waited a long time for such a group to emerge.  Expat investors have waited even longer.