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A Big Shout-Out To My Friend Toony!

  I have plenty of online friends.  You probably do too.  These are people I’ve never met.   Some of my notables–because I think they’re really cool–include Dan Bortolotti, Paula Pant, Kerry Taylor, Robert Wasilewski, Avrom Digance, Mark Seed, Mark Zoril...


Lizards and Pigs Edition

Millionaire Teacher Talks: January – May 2017 11 Countries; 81 Talks; 39 Schools   Last night, we visited some new friends outside of Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Pele and I sat on their outdoor teak chairs, under a huge outdoor fan. ...


How Employers Help Workers Save More Money

At the beginning of every school year, the Teacher’s Association at Anna Chandler’s school collects money for the “Sunshine Fund.“ Teachers pool their money. They use the proceeds to celebrate when colleagues get married or have a new baby. Other...