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Big Money Failure 3

Big Money Failure

Many people believe that the smartest money managers of all are those operating hedge funds.  These are mutual fund-like products which have much more flexibility than regular mutual funds.  And they’re marketed to the rich.   Fees tend to be really high, and the funds tend to be….exclusive.  You generally need...

Investors—Don’t Forget That You’re Getting Older 6

Investors—Don’t Forget That You’re Getting Older

None of us want reminders that we’re getting older.  Hairs poke out where we don’t want them, and wrinkles start making subtle road maps of our faces.  Then we have our investments to think of.  As we age, they need to become slightly more conservative. If you’ve been with the...


Cheap Gasoline – Right Under Our Noses

Two weeks ago, I packed my car for a weekend road trip. I live in Singapore, an island city state in the South China Sea, measuring 26 miles by 15 miles. The drive was going to take me across the border, into the country of Malaysia, which is linked to...


The Millionaire Teacher – My Journey to Wealth

My brother lived in the back of his pickup for five years….in Canada…with no heater.  Scaling the multiple routes on The Chief – an imposing rock that draws rock climbers from around the globe – was like a religion for my brother.  Weekend warriors drove to the base of The Chief...


Investing Is Simple, But Not Easy

Warren Buffett has said that “investing is simple, but not easy.” In my bestselling book Millionaire Teacher, I explain the effectiveness of simple investing.  And I want to continue that theme by discussing my own money.    I own just three low cost index funds: A total U.S. stock market...


What Do Wild Dogs And Investing Have In Common?

This is the world’s only finance article comparing investment decisions to wild dogs…real wild dogs….those that want a chunk of your Levis and a rare piece of gluteus maximus. Evading dumb investment decisions and sidestepping a gruesome battle with a pack of dogs involves a similar strategy.  Let me explain,...


How Canada’s Banks Let Canadian Investors Down: Part 7 of 7

The TD e-Series Index Fund Solution   Tyler and Adam Benn are pictured above, emptying their jar of saved coins and bills to invest in TD’s e-Series index funds.  Seven year old Tyler refers to them as “insect funds” but there’s nothing juvenile about the products he and his nine...

Millionaire Teacher on Malaysian Radio 0

Millionaire Teacher on Malaysian Radio

Here’s an interview on Malaysian radio that I gave last week, where I talk about my personal finance class and my inspirations for financial independence. I played it for my students, who cringed during the first couple of minutes. If you listen to the interview, you’ll understand why.   Listen...

Those Responsible For Millionaire Teacher’s Success 6

Those Responsible For Millionaire Teacher’s Success

When I started writing Millionaire Teacher, I was laying in a hospital cancer ward bed.    The most entertainment I had was when the Chinese nurses forgot to put the “catching tray” under the toilet commode.   Trust me, I laughed harder than they did. They thought I was even screwier...

How Asia Could Fuel Our Stock Market 0

How Asia Could Fuel Our Stock Market

Asia’s in love with America. I’ve asked English speaking kids on the streets of Shanghai, China; Bombay, India; Bangkok, Thailand and Singapore where they would love to go to college if cost weren’t a consideration. Without a moment’s hesitation, they say America. Among the young Koreans I’ve asked, the answer’s...

Tie Care, Raymond James and Zurich International’s Biggest Fear 16

Tie Care, Raymond James and Zurich International’s Biggest Fear

I’m pretty sure you can live on Coca Cola.  Yes, it’s bad for you.  But I think you could stop drinking just about everything else and sustain your hydration on sweet, sugary syrup water. You could even give it to your children.  They’ll still grow taller as they age.  And...

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