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Is Mexico The World’s Best Place To Retire?

Terry and Jon Turrell dreamed of retiring early. Terry was a traveling pharmacist in southern Oregon. When other pharmacists were sick or on vacation, Terry stepped in. Jon was a builder. They worked hard, maxed out their IRA contributions and bought investment real estate. The couple decided to buy land...


American International Teachers Can Build A Portfolio Of Index Funds Using Raymond James

Image by Pixabay This week, I visited the American Community School in Amman, Jordan.  I showed the (mostly American) teachers how to figure out how much they should be saving for their retirements.  Then we got onto the topic of investments. The school matches a percentage of the teachers’ salary...


Millionaire Teacher Talk At Dubai College

  With so many expats paying high investment fees, it’s no wonder my talks in the Middle East are growing in popularity.   I spoke about investing at Dubai College last night. Today we fly to Jordan to keep the talks rolling. One school down, about 30 more to go....


My Middle East Talks That Are Open To The Public

  Revised January 28, 2017 Cairo American College recently decided not to open my talk to the public.  My apologies. So far, I’m scheduled to give personal finance talks at about 30 locations in the Middle East (February to late March).  Most of the locations, for security reasons, aren’t open...


Free Investment Talk in Dubai is Open To The Public 15 JAN 17

Kieran Dempsey, the Bursar at Dubai College, has generously offered to open my talk to the public. Image by Pixabay The address and the school’s contact information are below. I hope to see you there! Andrew   When: Sunday, January 15th Time: 6:30-8:00pm Where: Dubai College’s school auditorium   Bursar:...


Is This The World’s Simplest Investment Book?

When I wrote the first edition of my book, Millionaire Teacher, my publisher sent a copy to Financial Post writer, Jonathan Chevreau. He tossed it aside. He didn’t want to read it. “From where I sit,” he later wrote, “any career teacher who makes it to age 65 is already a millionaire,...


How Does Compound Interest Work With An ETF?

Image by Pixabay Question: In the second chapter of your book, Millionaire Teacher, you were explaining how compound interest works.   But is there any co-relation with investing in an ETF? I have the impression that we’re still highly dependent on the market price of the ETF, so it’s more...


Canadian Stocks Beat Vancouver Real Estate (1994-2016)

    Ask this question on the street.  What has performed better, Canadian stocks (as measured by the S&P/TSX Composite Index) or single-family homes in Vancouver, B.C.? Few people on Canadian streets would pause to answer. They would say Vancouver real estate.  It’s a rocket.  If you caught a ride...


Stocks Might Crash! Should You Sell Or Stop Buying?

U.S. stocks are at an all-time high. Vanguard’s Total Stock Market Index looks like a Tsunami on the rise. In the five-year period ending December 26, 2016 it swelled 97.61 percent. If $10,000 were invested in the index, just five years ago, it would have grown to $19,761. That’s just...

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Hi! Welcome to my blog. My wife and I have recently visited the Middle East, Africa and SE Asia talking to different schools and businesses about investing. Would you like me to speak to your school or business?

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