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Five Countries To Thailand

We traveled along a 2-lane road.  But there were four cars abreast as far as we could see.  This was Cairo.  In Egypt, every car is a bumper car.  All the dents and scrapes just prove it. Our taxi driver...


Teachers’ Wealth: Are They Licensed To Operate In The UAE?

Recently, I joined a roundtable discussion at The National.  We discussed the changes that the financial services industry needs to make.  The insurers who provide the most commonly sold products (Zurich International, Generali Worldwide, Friends Provident International, RL360 and Hansard...


Middle East Speaking Tour: 7 Countries From Thailand

  Thailand is one of my favorite countries.  Pele and I love the food, the people, the winding mountain roads, the beaches and the amazingly cheap massages.  But we’re still 7 countries away from arriving in Thailand. Before we fly...

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