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The 1929 Crash – 25 years to recover, or was it just over 4? 0

The 1929 Crash – 25 years to recover, or was it just over 4?

Did the stock market really take 25 years to recover from 1929? or was it four and a half? Mark Hulbert suggests it took just over 4 years, in relative terms.  (New York Times published 28 the April 2009) Historical stock charts seem to show that it took more than...

Finishing First on the F1 Race Track 0

Finishing First on the F1 Race Track

In September of last year, my parents came to visit me in Singapore.  And during their first evening, I dragged my keen but jet-lagged dad downtown to watch the world’s first Formula 1 night race, where we sat in a grandstand, looking down at cars that screamed through a tight...

Sound Stock Buying Principles 0

Sound Stock Buying Principles

In the late 1990s, when the stock market was on a tear, everybody and his lapdog seemed to be interested in stocks. But the timing was disastrous. A full decade later, stocks are currently lower than they were during those “can’t miss” water cooler conversations. In the late 1950s, when...

Rich on a Middle Class Salary 0

Rich on a Middle Class Salary

This was my second article to be nominated for a Rogers Nation Publishing Award, but unfortunately, neither nominees took home the hardware. The title of the article was selected by the magazine – to catch readers’ attention.  It describes a bit of my story. MoneySense Magazine – June 2006 How I got...

Going Places – Calling All Snowbirds 0

Going Places – Calling All Snowbirds

If your retirement dollars aren’t stretching as far as you want them to, there might be an easy answer. In fact, you could retire like a multi-millionaire without being one yourself.  Here’s how:  MoneySense Magazine – January 2006 Calling All Snowbirds

World’s Greatest Investor Tells All 0

World’s Greatest Investor Tells All

Yes, you can pick stocks like Warren Buffett. Here’s how … I wrote this article for MoneySense, two and a half years after my first Buffett article. I expanded on some of the ideas in the previous piece, taking into account Lawrence Cunningham’s excellent compilation of Berkshire Hathaway shareholder letters....

Police State Paradise 0

Police State Paradise

This was nominated for a Roger’s Publishing Award, and made the finals. Although it didn’t bring home the hardware, it does answer the question, why do I live in Singapore? This article was first published in Reader’s Digest and MoneySense Magazine, in April 2005. I’ve made a few minor changes to...

Invest Like Warren Buffett 0

Invest Like Warren Buffett

The world’s greatest investor turned $100 into a multi-billion dollar fortune. You can apply several of his stock-picking techniques to your own portfolio. I wrote this article for MoneySense magazine to describle how Mary Buffett/David Clarke, and Timothy Vick describe how Buffett invests, in their respective books, Buffettology and How...

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