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How to Invest and Spend for Happiness, Health, and Wealth

Order this book to read about real success: how to spend for happiness, how to invest effectively, how to boost life satisfaction and enhance longevity. This might be the world's wisest personal finance book.

Is This 46-Year-Old Woman Saving Enough To Retire? Let's Find Out.

#Retirement #Financial Literacy

Eventually we all start asking, “Are we saving enough for retirement?” Amber Rhinehart shares her finances. And in this story, I explain how she’s doing. It’s real, and I hope, educational.…

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Longer, Better, Happier: Unveiling The Surprising Key To Longevity In Retirement

#Retirement #Lifestyle

Will you keep working part-time after you reach your financial freedom number? I recommend it...and my reason has nothing to do with money.…

Andrew Hallam

When It Comes To Financial Advice, Can You Trust Your Financial Advisor?

#Financial Literacy #Investing

Jeff Devens says most financial advisors have conflicts of interest. He explains his rationale in this guest post and recommends solutions.…

Andrew Hallam

Savings Accounts: Why They Can Put Your Retirement Money At Risk


If you're worried about the stock market, and you're keeping large sums of money in savings accounts, your money will erode...despite increasing interest rates. I explain the risk here…

Andrew Hallam

Most British Expats Are Wrong About The Taxes They'll Pay Once They Repatriate

#Expat Investing

British expats: Do you know how your portfolio will be taxed after moving back to Britain? If you do this right, you could be pleasantly surprised.…

Andrew Hallam

Is Praise And Support Making Your Children Weak?

#Children #Mindset #Lifestyle

Has praising children gone too far? Language, after all, is powerful. Should you call your children “smart”, or praise them for their effort instead? Read the thoughts of a former teacher here.…

Andrew Hallam

If 2022 Wasn't The Worst Year For Investors, What Was?

#Investing #Financial Literacy

Should You Invest In These Unprecedented Times? War in Ukraine! Market volatility! Spiking inflation! Fuel shortages! This goofy ghost story puts such fears in perspective.…

Andrew Hallam

Investment Fees And Cheese

#Financial Literacy #Expat Investing

This is the first article in a series by Dr. Jeff Devens, an extremely knowledgeable advocate for overseas investors.…

Andrew Hallam

Retire In Malaysia: Great Beaches, Low-Costs and No Capital Gains Taxes On Portfolios


Looking for a low-cost, retirement destination that won't charge capital gains taxes on your portfolio? This retirement location may be the world's best kept secret. If you have other countries you'd like me to profile, please let me know!…

Andrew Hallam

World's Most Famous Hedge Fund: Performance Revealed


Most of us don't have enough money to buy the world's most famous hedge fund. But it's fun to see its performance...if you can keep your FOMO in check. I reveal Ray Dalio's, Bridgewater Pure Alpha performance here: January 2012 to December 31, 2022.…

Andrew Hallam