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Andrew Hallam

Andrew Hallam, international best-selling author of Millionaire Teacher, Millionaire Expat and Balance, is also a financial journalist for Assetbuilder, Swissquote and the Globe and Mail.

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Are You Worried About The Recent Stock Market Drop?

#Talks and Interviews #Investing

If the recent stock market drop has your stomach in your mouth, here’s a recording of the 1-hr webinar I had on May 25th with Sarwa's Akshay Iyer. We discussed the recent downturn and market volatility. One of my favorite parts begins around the 13th minute, when listeners ask questions.…

Andrew Hallam

Is The Stock Market Freaking You Out?

#Expat Investing

Join me this Wednesday, May 25th, at 7AM Pacific Time for a free webinar, as I address the recent downturn and volatility with Sarwa's co-founder and CEO, Mark Chahwan…

Andrew Hallam

Why 100% Stocks Might Earn You Less, Long Term

#Investing #Financial Literacy

Many investors build portfolios with 100% stocks because stocks beat bonds, long term. But how the allocation performs and how the investor performs are often two different things.…

Andrew Hallam

When FIRE (Financial Independence Retire Early) Devotees Really Miss The Mark

#Lifestyle #Retirement

I'm a huge fan of early financial independence. But plenty of those who pursue it lose the big picture.…

Andrew Hallam

Balance, the making of an audiobook

#Investing #Lifestyle

Every year, I stare at the scratch marks for more than an hour. They’re on the “ceiling” of the MRI at Aim Medical Imaging, in…

Andrew Hallam

Why Berkshire Hathaway Shares Are Soaring This Year


The stock market is, so far, stumbling in 2022. Some of the best performers have taken heavy hits. In sharp contrast, Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway shares are defying gravity. Why? The answer is simpler than you might think.…

Andrew Hallam

How To Boost Your Odds Of Growing Rich With Stocks


How do you give yourself the highest odds of growing rich in the stock market? I explain in this Swissquote story…

Andrew Hallam

Zen and the Art of Investing For Your Future

#Mindset #Lifestyle #Investing

When I refer to "ego" it's a holistic sense of self that many Buddhists suggest we find a way to release. In this article, I argue that we can't fully free ourselves of ego, but if we want to invest well, we need to control it.…

Andrew Hallam

The Investment Paradox

#Mindset #Investing #Financial Literacy

An investment strategy that ends up making money could be an unsuitable plan for you. And a strategy that doesn't appear to be making money could be a solid plan. I discuss that paradox in this article.…

Andrew Hallam

Marathon Financial Wellness Day at the American School of Belo Horizonte, Brazil

#Financial Literacy #Talks and Interviews

I gave my first in-person financial wellness and investment sessions since the pandemic yesterday at the Escola Americana de Belo Horizonte,in Brazil. It was amazing to see the commitment that upper school principal Kerry Timmerman and the school Director, Catarina Song Chen, put into this day…

Andrew Hallam