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Andrew Hallam

Andrew Hallam, international best-selling author of Millionaire Teacher, Millionaire Expat and Balance, is also a financial journalist for Assetbuilder, Swissquote and the Globe and Mail.

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Is It Wise To Begin Investing When Stocks Are At An All-Time High?

#Investing #Financial Literacy

Afraid to invest with stocks near an all time high? This story might help. By 37, I had a million dollar portfolio on a teacher's salary. And I added most of my money to the stock market when markets were at, or near, all-time highs.…

Andrew Hallam

Should You Begin Investing Now, Or Wait?

#Investing #Financial Literacy

You haven’t started investing? Charles Schwab says that for every 5 years you delay investing, you'll have to invest twice as much? Is that true? The math on this is shocking.…

Andrew Hallam

Do I Regret Selling My Berkshire Hathaway Shares? They Would Be Worth Almost $2 Million Today

#Investing #Andrew's Money

In 2011, I owned plenty of Berkshire Hathaway shares. Today, if I didn't sell them, they would be worth about $2 million. If you were me, would you regret that? This story outlines the details.…

Andrew Hallam

If The US Election Causes The Dollar To Crash, Should You Hedge Your ETFs To The Euro Or The Pound?

#Investing #Index Funds

With the upcoming US election people are worried about the strength of the dollar. Should you hedge to a non-US currency?…

Andrew Hallam

Great Investors Don't Speculate

#Talks and Interviews #Investing

Andrew Hallam, at the 2024 Swissquote Investor's Day conference, describes why smart investors should think about Norse mythology.…

Andrew Hallam

What Could You Learn From A Rich Retiree Who Lives On $14,000 A Year?

#Retirement #Lifestyle

How much do you need to retire? And what does it means to be truly rich? Here’s a story of one retiree and the wisdom he shares.…

Andrew Hallam

Dare To Compare Your Investment Results With Your Colleagues And Friends?

#Investing #Financial Literacy #Index Funds

Comparing your investment results to others can be misleading. Talking about money is like social media posts. People rarely share the bumps and bruises.…

Andrew Hallam

A Retirement Haven For The Rich And The Budget-Conscious

#Retirement #Travel #Lifestyle

Discover this European paradise for retirees and digital nomads: with stunning landscapes, low living costs, enticing tax schemes, and great food, hospitality, and culture.…

Andrew Hallam

What Should You Do With Free Or Discounted Company Shares?

#Investing #Financial Literacy #Mindset

Have you been given company shares or the option to buy them at a discount? This article shares a new perspective and questions to help you make informed decisions.…

Andrew Hallam

Why The FIRE Movement Began And Is Gaining Steam

#Lifestyle #Mindset

A lower percentage of income is required to sustain ourselves today than at any other time in history. This article explains why and how that happened. It also explore two roads that are offered, diverging in a narrow wood.…

Andrew Hallam