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Andrew Hallam

Andrew Hallam, international best-selling author of Millionaire Teacher, Millionaire Expat and Balance, is also a financial journalist for Assetbuilder, Swissquote and the Globe and Mail.

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Are High Dividend Paying Stocks Overrated?


Dividends may give investors a warm, fuzzy feeling, but are these high dividend paying stocks as great as many investors think?…

Andrew Hallam

Here's How A Cycle Crash Led To An Important Lesson In Business And Life

#Mindset #Lifestyle #Travel

Last week I was cycling in the French Riviera when another cyclist and I smashed into each other. A sore hip and broken pedal later, find out how this chance encounter led to an important lesson in strength, life satisfaction and health.…

Andrew Hallam

How To Invest In The Environment And Grow Rich

#Investing #Lifestyle #Mindset

Some people think we can't grow as wealthy when we invest our money and time with an environmental focus. But they're wrong. We can end up with a lot more money and boost our life satisfaction.…

Andrew Hallam

The Crash Of The US Dollar Is Imminent ... Or Is It?

#Investing #Financial Literacy

Will the US dollar sink into oblivion? That’s the word on some streets. Negative news stories attract the most attention - that’s no secret. Often, sadly, the facts and data are left out.…

Andrew Hallam

A Powerful Wealth Preservation Strategy For American Expats: Unearned Income And The Brokerage Account

#Financial Literacy

In the U.S., there are two tax tables used to calculate taxes: one for earned income and one for unearned income. When it comes to earnings, it's not what you make, it’s what you keep after taxes that counts.…

Andrew Hallam

No Sugarcoating: What Would Happen If Everyone Invested In Index Funds?

#Investing #Index Funds #Mindset

What if everyone invested in index funds? Could the result be horrific? I didn’t sugarcoat my answer here.…

Andrew Hallam

The Secret To Creating A $4.5m Portfolio Like This Teaching Couple

#Investing #Retirement #Lifestyle

“Choose Europe for the lifestyle or the Middle East or Asia to earn a lot of money.” But I often find that expats who live and work in Europe have higher income upon retirement. That might not make sense. But I explain here.…

Andrew Hallam

This Is When You Should Worry About Your Portfolio's Returns

#Investing #Financial Literacy

Has your portfolio fallen by a lot? In this article, I explain when you might want to make some changes.…

Andrew Hallam

Is It Safe To Invest Now?

#Investing #Mindset

If you're glued to stock market news, you might wonder whether now is a decent time to invest. Instead of saying, “Yes” or “No,” here’s something far more helpful:…

Andrew Hallam

How Much Can Retirees Withdraw From Their Investments Each Year?

#Retirement #Investing

How much of your investment portfolio can you withdraw each year in retirement? You might be aware of "the 4% rule." Or should it be 3% or 1.8%? The best answer is, "None of the above." In this article, I answer the above question, and then I extend it.…

Andrew Hallam