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If You’ve Invested In Tech Stocks, It Might Be Time To Jump Ship

We love technology stocks, right?  They’ve performed spectacularly over the past nine years.  But…technology stocks will lead the next stock market crash, much as they did when the dotcom bubble burst.  That’s why investors shouldn’t be tempted to build portfolios with growth stocks or tech stocks…especially now.  Yes, such stocks...


Do You Want To Make Money Or Just Fool Around?

I figured life was great.  I taught high school English on an island in the Pacific.  I could ski on weekend mornings. After lunch, I could ride my bike or kayak in the ocean. When I wasn’t grading student essays, I wrote about money.  I had a freelance gig with...


The Dimensional Fund Advisors Versus Vanguard Battle

  There’s no longer an argument that index funds beat actively managed funds.  But there remains a battle between two types of index funds.  DFA (Dimensional Fund Advisors) claim to reign supreme.  They tilt their portfolios towards small cap and value cap.  They also claim to have a superior way...


As Investors, We’re Often Predictably Irrational

Plenty of new investors say, “I have a lump sum, but I’m afraid to invest it all today because the markets aren’t predictable.” Such investors don’t realize that “waiting” to buy is the same as somebody else selling everything… and waiting to re-enter the market. Sounds crazy, right? Sure it...


Sarwa: The first Robo Advisor In The UAE

For years, financial salespeople have been gouging investors in the UAE. They charge nosebleed fees.  The most commonly sold products stand virtually no chance of beating inflation over a period of ten years or longer.  When investors catch on to their fee-burdened riptide, they find their private parts stuck in...


Is It Too Dangerous To Retire In Mexico?

“Plenty of people ask me if it’s safe to retire in Mexico,” says J.E. Jack. “I tell them I get kidnapped twice a week and occasionally beheaded.” The sixty-four year-old used to live and work in Los Angeles, California. But he retired to San Antonio, Mexico five years ago. He’s...


Why China’s Growth Is Great For U.S. Stocks

I grabbed my duffle bag before exiting the train. Passengers poured onto the escalator. I’m claustrophobic in crowds, so I chose the stairs instead. Breathing heavily after my climb, I walked towards the train station exit. That was when I stopped. If I were hungry or thirsty, my five closest...

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