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Don’t Be Surprised If You Can’t Convince Your Friends To Invest With Index Funds

“Wow,” you say, “Your financial advisor has a really nice car.” Your friend smiles. She knows what’s coming next. “I guess you help make those massive car payments.” She just smiles again. She invests in actively managed mutual funds. No matter what you say, she won’t fire her advisor and...


Lizards and Pigs Edition

Millionaire Teacher Talks: January – May 2017 11 Countries; 81 Talks; 39 Schools   Last night, we visited some new friends outside of Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Pele and I sat on their outdoor teak chairs, under a huge outdoor fan.  Frogs croaked in the field next to the house.  At...


Four Great Tips for Raising Money Savvy Teens

  Darth Vader became a galactic wrecking ball. Some Star Wars fans blame Obi-Wan (Ben) Kenobi. Yoda, the lovable green Jedi Master, had warned Kenobi that Anakin Skywalker – the future Darth Vader – was far too old to start training as a Jedi. Kenobi said he would keep an...


The Best Investment Advice You’ll Never Get

International schools and businesses have a strong responsibility to their faculty.  Time and again, I’ve been disappointed to learn about the financial salespeople that many international schools have let into their doors.  In some cases, I contacted heads of schools and said, “Please don’t invite these people into your school.”...


How Employers Help Workers Save More Money

At the beginning of every school year, the Teacher’s Association at Anna Chandler’s school collects money for the “Sunshine Fund.“ Teachers pool their money. They use the proceeds to celebrate when colleagues get married or have a new baby. Other times, they buy cards or flowers for bereaving colleagues or...


International Teachers: How To Best Use Raymond James

  International Teachers: How To Best Use Raymond James   Raymond James is a publicly traded company. Their international financial advisors aren’t fiduciaries. Advisors who hold to a fiduciary standard put their clients’ interests ahead of their personal interest. As such, they aren’t supposed to select high-cost mutual funds that...


Popular, Helpful Stories For International Teachers

  This past summer, my wife and I cycled on our tandem around Europe.    We stopped, along the way, to give free talks to international teachers. Currently, we’re on a 5-month tour of the Middle East, Asia and Thailand, doing much the same thing.   I thought I would...

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Hi! Welcome to my blog. My wife and I have recently visited the Middle East, Africa and SE Asia talking to different schools and businesses about investing. Would you like me to speak to your school or business?

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